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About Us

Muthoot healthcare is a centre of excellence striving to provide the best healthcare facilities in India. It was founded to function as a new entity targeting to improve health standards and provide it to common man deprived of better healthcare facilities owing to financial constraints. Our focus is on providing the best but affordable treatments to the common man and introducing them to all the advanced medical facilities. We are committed to serving the community with a spirit of equality while providing treatments seamlessly to all without discrimination. We are striving to encompass high medical standards, incorporate advanced healthcare facilities. We are the torch-bearers of care, safety and integrity.

Top Infrastructure

Advanced infrastructure supporting the treatments of a multitude of patients.

blood bank

Every activity at Blood Bank follows a strict Standard Operating Procedure.

specialized doctors

The hospital specializes in offering a broad array of services.

ambulance service

The ambulance service is an integral part of Emergency Medicine Department. We have a fleet of ambulances with the necessary facilities.

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